Happily Ever After PP
Happily Ever After PP

Happily Ever After PP

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We're not taught how to be in a relationship. We learn about relationships by knowing what we don't want to have happen again. But we're not taught how to be proactive in a relationship - until now. 

Figuring out exactly what you want and what you want in your relationship - and that it CAN be obtainable. 

We often feel like we need hunt down our soul-mate, like it's our life's purpose. 

We want our Prince Charming to show up... but are you going to WAIT for Prince Charming to show up? Or for your spouse to turn into Prince Charming? Or turn back into the Prince he was before? Or whatever you're looking for in a dream partner? Princess, Prince, Queen, King.

Where are you wanting to be whisked away?

This program will have you understand all of these struggles and what to do about it. 

Three units will be released in weekly intervals with two videos per unit and substantial workbooks for each one to teach you why all of this is happening and what you can do about it in order to have the best relationship(s) EVER.

This course can be done as an individual or as a couple (even if your partner doesn't want to participate) or as someone who is single to design your dream relationship and have you not repeat mistakes of the past.

**This will be focused on romantic relationships but the teaching will give you a foundation for all the relationships in your life (even your children).