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Self-Care 3-Month Coaching Package

Do you know what you want in life but don't know how to get it?

Our three month coaching package is designed to give you the practical steps to move you quickly forward turning your dream life into your every day life.

The package and time involved is designed to work through any and all of the limiting beliefs, sticky situations, and mental blocks that come up in your personal and work life - including self-sabotage.

Providing the emotional intelligence and awareness to behaviours and reactions, with intuitive guidance and insight, with support and understanding will quickly move your life forward.

Our coaching sessions are designed to get to the root of the problem and for people who want serious change.


If you are committed to get to your dream life, we are here to help you and walk with you every step of the way.


Your problems/issues/situations in your personal, home and business/professional life are all combined and through a coaching session, you can understand why it's all connected and then what to do about it.

We work very differently than most coaches you will find.

We are don’t sugar coat it. When we recognize what is causing a situation we will speak out into the light.

Our only objective is that you get to live a beautiful life full of freedom to be exactly who you are.


This 3 month self-care coaching package includes:


  • 12 One hour-long sessions with both Megan and Renee.
  • Unlimited text support in between sessions.


*These Hour-long sessions are accommodated to your life schedule and based on your needs.


Availability is extremely limited for monthly self care coaching packages and currently waitlisted. please email with any questions you have, and links to sign up.