About Us


Renee Celine, Certified Psychic Medium

As adults we forget what we want out of life, we become so ingrained in our daily routine that it becomes a rut. I call this survival mode. We don't know what way is up, or what direction we are going and we are one step away from a breakdown.
I gave myself permission to ask for help. 6 years ago my life was falling apart. I stopped communication with my parents and my friends were dropping like flies. I had postpartum depression that I never fully recovered from, a 5 year old daughter and a new born son with undiagnosed special needs. I became a hermit, I was surviving and that's about it. I needed to change and I knew there had to be a way out!
I found teachers, and coaches, and I learned how to ask for help. I didn’t let anything stop me, I wanted the change enough to never look back. I found my own tools to help with my depression, and tools to help me stay focused and ready to do whatever it took to achieve my best life. I learned to find me again.
I focused on healing and growing and developing more of my self awareness for 3 years before I started taking the courses I needed to, to get me to where I am today.
I made it my mission to help others climb their metaphorical mountains. To offer a service you can’t find anywhere else.
I get to the root of the problem, we don’t waste time and skirt around the issue and the amount of support I give is unheard of in the industry.
I help women rediscover who they are and all of their forgotten life long goals. You are than a mother and a wife, you are important and you are you and you deserve to find your happiness!
Renee Celine 


Megan Parker-Quinn, Certified Psychic Medium

Where do I start?
Do I start at the panic attack I had in my kitchen realizing how my entire life - job, family, friends, relationship with my now ex-spouse - was falling a part and it was because every decision I had ever made had gotten me there?
Or do I start the night of me staring at the magnificence super full blood moon with an eclipse realizing how depressed and literally dead I was inside? 
Or do I start after reading five life changing books all in the span of a month, throwing out everything I owned, and my now best-friend and business partner, who had just come out of the spiritual-medium closet sending me a Facebook message saying spirit was proud of me and that I’m ready for the next level, and then booking a coaching call with her and it starting me down this path of me living my dream life?
Or when I did reiki for the first time on 10 people in two days and realizing that I was MADE for this? That this was part of my life path?
Even everything I’ve ever been through - which are some really hard fucking days and lessons - I wouldn’t change any of it. I continually do brave things, and am insanely proud of the work we do and the impact that we have with Kindred. What we do is what I needed five years ago during all those times. I want people to know they’re not alone. That they’re in more control then they think. That they’re darkness isn’t something to be rid of, but to be embraced with their light. 
In everything we do, if it makes a difference for one person for one day, or for one moment to know that they’re not alone, then that is enough.