Events | Kindred Self-Care Community


Tarot and Tea- Starting in July
Join us as we sit and drink tea while giving you messages of love and healing from spirit, pulling cards and answering all of your burning questions! This is the perfect evening to bring friends and family or even to have a girls night out!
Reiki Workshop
Woo Woo Weekend Workshop - Moved to October 2020 - in person workshop where you come in knowing nothing about spirit and by Sunday night being able to give full psychic/mediumship readings for other people. We start with the basics of learning about your own energy and empathic skills and how to interpret them through hands-on practice and fun games. Teaching and practicing your psychic skills and then moving onto mediumship. Not only do you learn to read for others but you get readings the whole weekend! Weekend is in-person, fully catered (also to food allergies) and the gift of our Yang oracle deck ($1000) 

Intuitive Reiki Workshop - Moved to September 2020 - in person workshop learning reiki levels I, II, and III in an intuitive way with practice all weekend long. We teach you about your own energy, how to use your empathic skills to interpret the physical symptoms of the clients on your table and how to do this for yourself and your family. This also includes crystal reiki teaching with 17 hours of hands-on practice. Weekend is in-person and includes a manual, fully catered (also to food allergies) and the gift of crystals to use in your practice ($1000) Sign Up Here
The Shift Spiritual Workshop
The Shift Workshop - Moved to October 2020 - Limited to 10 participants - our life changing workshop that takes you from break down to break through. Come in feeling lost, not knowing who you are or your purpose in life or why you’re here, and leave knowing more about yourself then ever before and have game-plan and a list of things to do about it. This workshop WILL change your life and give you the answers about yourself that you’ve either always been looking for or didn’t know you had. Weekend is in-person only with extremely limited spots, fully catered (also to food allergies) and the gift of a Crystal mala to remind you of your intention ($1000)