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Happily Ever After

We're not taught how to be in a relationship. We learn about relationships by knowing what we don't want to have happen again. But we're not taught how to be proactive in a relationship - until now.

Are you struggling with intimacy?

Do you wish there was more passion in your relationship?

Do you feel disconnected from your partner?

Are you tired of fighting?

Do you wish your partner showed more romantic interest?

Are you sick and tired of fighting about household logistics and children/parenting?

Are you more roommates than lovers and partners?

Are you tired of being the only one that puts in any energy into a relationship?

Are you afraid to say what you want to your partner?

Do you know even know what you want in an amazing relationship?

Are you realizing that you've never been in a healthy relationship?

Are you trying to figure out if you're "done"?

When you're in a healthy, stable relationship that's equal and balanced, the outside stuff that tends to bother you, doesn't really matter any more.  Anything else can happen and you know that you and your partner have each other's backs, and that you CHOOSE each other, every day, and are happy to do so. 

Everything in your relationship is built on trust. 

Every single bid for attention - text, comment, gesture, touch - will make or break trust for each person in the relationship.  When you have trust, you can allow yourself to feel connected, and where there can be connection......there's all sorts of amazing things that can happen. 

We often feel like we need hunt down our soul-mate.  This is our life's purpose.  Our soul-mate will show up and we'll just KNOW and then everything will be perfect and there will never be any fighting and you'll be perfectly matched for each other and the forest animals will come to clean your house and make your bed for you.  

We believe in soul-mates but we also believe in realistic fairytales.  Figuring out exactly what you want and why you want in your relationship - and that it CAN be obtainable. 

We often want our Prince Charming to show up but are you going to WAIT for Prince Charming to show up? Or for your spouse to turn into Prince Charming? Or turn back into the Prince he was before? Or whatever you're looking for in a dream partner? Princess, Prince, Queen, King.

Where are you wanting to be whisked away?

This program will have you understand all of these struggles and what to do about it.  Three units will be released in weekly intervals with two videos per unit and substantial workbooks for each one to teach you why all of this is happening and what you can do about it in order to have the best relationship(s) EVER.

This course can be done as an individual or as a couple (even if your partner doesn't want to participate) or as someone who is single to design your dream relationship and have you not repeat mistakes of the past.

This will be focused on romantic relationships but the teaching will give you a foundation for all the relationships in your life (even your children).


We will be hosting a private Facebook group as an option for those that invest in the course.  This can be a place to ask questions about the unit videos or the journal prompts and to receive coaching from Renee and Megan through some of the things that might come up through out your learning.  We'll answer questions each week via live video to help support you through the course.  You will be supported through your learning. 

We'll also be adding in some pre-recorded video content to supplement the learning in the course.

If you do not have Facebook, we can make arrangements via email.


We are Megan and Renee and together, we are Kindred Self-Care Community.  There's no other life-coaches like us - we cut the shit, get to the root of the problem, and we don't sugar-coat the problem.  We get you to the heart of the issue and what you can do about it in six videos.  We are not here to waste time.  We're here to help you understand what it is that you want, why you want it, and how to fucking get it.  

You're not going to get these answers in therapy.  You're not going to get the results and understanding of yourself and your partner that you want reading self-help books and working through it with your friends over a bottle of merlot.

We can't guarantee your results.  You get what you put in and achieve what you're willing to be open to and work through.  But if you want it, this is going to get you the result that you want in your relationship.

By the end of this course, you're going to know if you're going to stay or if you're going to go - without doubt.  If you're staying, you're going to know what to do for things to not just be better but for it to be your Happily Ever After. 


Each Unit contains two instructional videos and a printable workbook to be done after the videos are watched


Unit 1: Understanding the dynamic between you and your partner

 - reactions and behaviours within a relationship - 

week one content available November 15, 2020


Unit 2: Discovery of Failure

- noticing your unrealistic expectations and where you and your partner set each other up to fail - 

week two content available November 22, 2020


Unit 3: Passion vs Connection vs Intimacy

 - how to achieve all of them and when to know when you're done - 

week three content available November 29, 2020

Private Facebook Group will be open on Thursday November 12, 2020 with bonus content available immediately.  You have lifetime access to the course along with any future upgrades or additions.


1) Is there a payment plan? Yes - two payments spaced 30 days apart

2) Do I have to keep up with the group and content? Totally not. You can do the videos at your own pace (as released or all at the same time when all released). Being apart of the FB group is optional.

3) Does my partner have to do it with me? Nope. They can but the course is designed to be worked through as individuals together.

4) Do I have to be in a relationship to benefit from the course? Not at all.  This will help you identify issues from past relationships and help you be clear about your dream future relationships.

5) Is it just based on heterosexual romantic relationships? No.  We teach based from our heterosexual relationships but the teaching can be applied to any relationship you have in your life (family, children, friends, even coworkers)