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Coming Home - Hawai'i Workshop

THREE Kindred Workshops


Imagine having the life transforming experience of the Kindred Workshops in the incredible energy vortex that is the Big Island of Hawaii. We will have the entire sanctuary to ourselves with fully catered meals and a short walk to the beach providing time for restoring the mind, body, and the Soul.

The workshop schedule is open for you to decide what you would like to attend. Everyone is welcome to participate in all of the open classes with the exception of the limited space for the 19 solutions portion of The Shift. Only 10 participants will be accepted for this day with the mandatory participation of the Core Values portion of The Shift. If you have already participated in the 19 Solutions exercise at a previous weekend workshop, we ask that you leave the spot open for others who have yet to experience this life-changing practice. 


The vortex and the bay and the sanctuary rests on the 19.5 latitude point which is believed to be the intersection between the light body of the planet and the physical plane (magic fucking central)

There is nothing but magic waiting to happen.

(this is also an amazing internet rabbit hole to get lost in by searching energy vortex hawaii)

check the following things off your bucket list 

  • swim with the dolphins
  • diving
  • see a volcano
  • kayak on the ocean
  • pineapple plantation
  • hiking
  • surfing
  • snorkelling off beach
  • hot springs
  • city of refuge
  • botanical gardens
  • waterfalls
  • the best trees
  • observatory
  • coffee tours
  • whale watching