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I Choose An Abundance Bundle

To many of us, abundance means wealth. It’s our finances and the freedom that comes with it. But really abundance is all things love.

You can have abundance in your relationships, in your success, and even with your self-care.

We treat abundance as a vital foundation for our self-care practice, because like we said above…it’s freedom, it lets us breathe easier. When we feel free, we make decisions based on what we feel we can have.

This is also why your relationship with money is important. We base 90% of our decisions on what we can afford or not.

Types of dates, types of car, even types of education.

We determined our worth by how much is in our wallet, and we shut down something almost instantaneously when we feel it out of reach.

In this mini bundle we break down the basics of manifesting, and the basics of changing your mindset around your relationship with money. By the end, you will have the tools so money doesn’t need to rule your life or dictate life’s made-up rules to you.

Included is
*Four videos totally an hour and a half of nothing but manifesting tips and tricks
*Ten journaling questions to help you get started.

And the best are…. It’s completely Free