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Manifesting Bootcamp

You know what you want.

A one month intensive program where we go through EVERYTHING we know about manifesting. It's a private facebook group in a one month program with daily and hands-on interaction to get you there. Through working through limiting beliefs, raising the vibration, intention, law of attraction, coaching, all of it. We're doing all of it to get you there and we're doing it with you - you're going to see what Megan and Renee are manifesting and how they work and watch them deliver the magic.

This is being in the energy of our workshops. You are getting one month of us like you get in one of our weekend workshops. This is the energy that you've been missing and this is the energy of us being in person. It's the TEA. If you were to break it down for an hourly rate with Renee and Megan, this course is a $15,000 value.

This is only available for sale from February 12 - 16, 2021 starting on February 17. We will use our magic to help you align your manifesting goals. You post about what you want and we will give you guidance every single day for a month to get you there. We will celebrate the wins and we're going to get you through the blocks. Your results are entirely dependent on what you put in to it. THIS WILL GET YOU THERE.