Self Care Specialists to help with anxiety, depressing, panic attacks | Kindred Self-Care Community

Our Story

Self Care Specialists to help with anxiety, depressing, panic attacks 


We came together in a time of our lives where we didn't know how much we needed what we were about to create.


Kindred Self-Care Community was born for needing a safe space of understanding when we were in a place of panic attacks, depression and anxiety, and toxic behaviour.


Together we take several years of experience and learning from every side of the spectrum to be able to ask different questions.


We don't sugar-coat anything. We want real and actual healing from past behaviours and patterns.


We are not afraid to speak hard-truths, to see things from a different perspective, and to do to what needs to be done to achieve the clear goals we have for our personal and professional lives that we believe are blended together. 


We are in the business of doing things differently because it works.


Everything that we create and teach is to help others do the same and is born from a need from our own life experience and from the clients that are our family around us.

Our community is one of black-sheep. Ones that have courage and tenacity and the want for something different. 


Our focus is of the self-care of the mind, body and the Soul.


We achieve all of our results by focusing on our own definition of self-care and do this for others with 1-1 sessions, coaching, online courses and groups, workshops, speaking engagements, and our international retreats as well as our physical products.


We are one of the leading business' that focus on self-care through coaching in Western Canada. 

This is a place to remind you that you are not alone. That you are whole with all of your darkness and all of your light. That it CAN be different. A place to remind you who you truly are and that you are enough. 
Renee & Megan