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Service Listing

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Self-Care, Business Coaching, and Spiritual Facebook Groups

Kindred Self-Care Community

Kindred Self-Care-Community  - A community to help with self care and self love on the soul level. A place of connection and to know that you’re not  alone. Megan and Renee teach through inspired action and this includes written posts, live teaching videos, free oracle card readings, photo shoot events, monthly workshops, online workbooks, and journal prompts. (Free)
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Spiritual Awakening Monthly
Spiritual Awakening Monthly - A subscription-based fb group that has spiritual teaching, practice, and connection with live q&a’s biweekly to have psychic guidance for any of your questions. Also includes oracle card readings and interpretations that members also practice with.  Monthly in-person get togethers for locals ($10/month)
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Moving Forward- Life Coaching
Moving Forward FB Group - A subscription-based fb group that is daily coaching to help you curate your dream life. Weekly intuitive guidance oracle card readings and teachings via video help bring focus Through goal-setting, asking for help, and celebration. A way to access the help you need going through the limiting beliefs and practicing intention and gratitude. Monthly in-person get togethers for locals ($50/month) 
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Finding Freedom- Law of Attraction- Business Coaching
Finding Freedom FB group and workshop - Curating your dream life through business. Four modules sent over the first four weeks to help you achieve your dream business goals and ideas, as well as your ideal client to format your dream business into your dream life. Go in knowing you want your own business, or have a business and want it to be more, and in four weeks have the plan for that dream life. Monthly subscription to follow for additional coaching, support, and mastermind business classes. 1-1 session monthly, fb group support, and unlimited support through messenger ($400 for the initial course, $500/month for the support group to follow)
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Reiki, Psychic Mediumship, Life Coaching, and Tarot Reading Services

Emergency Mini-Reading (10 minutes) - need the answer to a question RIGHT now? Have up to three questions immediately answered with Renee via email or messenger
Intuitive Guidance Reading (30 minutes/1 hour) - psychic and mediumship guidance and reading for any life situations.  Renee & Megan relays information channeled through spirit and there is time at the end to ask any question that hasn’t been answered yet. In person or via video call
Intuitive reiki session (30 minutes) a direct energy exchange and chakra balancing with the intuitive interpretation of what the physical symptoms in your body are telling you. Find the root cause to your anxiety and what to do about it. In person only with Megan
Heart retrieval & piecing (90 minutes)- you know that feeling that a part of you left when someone died, or when you had your babies like you lost yourself? Having this reiki session that includes an energy exchange, a chakra balancing, and then going to retrieve pieces of your broken heart to be healed together and giving you a sense of peace and wholeness that you feel like you’ve been looking for. In person only with Megan
Full-Day In-Person coaching (5 hours) -  2-1 time with Renee and Megan to work through all of your life situations and limiting beliefs and help you find the answers you’ve been looking for a very personal approach and response. If you have something specific, or very personal, that you need the coaching to work through in an emotionally and energetically supported environment, then this is your answer. All the time, we feed you lunch, and you’re gifted a blanket and a journal. 
Soul Alignment Bootcamp (one week intensive) - a completely customizable coaching option where it can be what you need (in-person, video, messaging support). This was designed to be taken after one of our workshops to give you the support to work through what you’ve learned, how to integrate it into you life now, if you want to make it into a business, and working through all the limiting beliefs and self-Sabotage that comes up. A discounted rate is given to workshop alumni but anyone can use this service to have the unlimited support of both Renee and Megan to fast-track you to a life that’s simple, easy, and fun. Includes the gift of a journal and one of our yang oracle deck 
3/6/12 month coaching package (unlimited) 1-1 weekly video or in-person sessions with unlimited support via messenger between. This is to help you get unstuck, see your true potential, and find the happiness you’re looking for in life that will give you the money and relationships you’ve always wanted. Payment plans are available ($5000/$9000/$15000 respectively)