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WooWoo Weekend Workshop

Imagine having the confidence in yourself with every decision you need to make.
Imagine having the confidence where you can trust yourself enough that you know you can no longer fuck it up!! 

This is what the WooWoo workshop was designed for. We have created this course to show you that you aren't crazy, and that everything you feel and know on a gut level is 100% accurate. It's getting you into YOUR intuition. This course gives you the freedom to be you. 

There is a part of us that is always hiding, and often we do not know what that piece is. We know we are looking for it, but we don't even know what we are looking for. This is it! 

Being able to find this piece and learning to incorporate it into your life you will be able to build the strong relationships you have been craving.
It gives you a different level of intimacy and connection.
It helps you identify when you are being taken advantage of faster. Helps you identify when you are being gaslighted by others and by yourself.
It helps you know and trust that reaction that someone is bad news and you just need out of the situation before it gets bad.
It helps with your family and when you know something is wrong with your children, instead of guessing or trying to figure it out you will know.
You will feel it.

You will have your confirmation

Deep down you know, you know you are meant for more. You know that there needs to be something more. The piece that can help bring in the deeper happiness. 

The WooWoo weekend does just this. It's designed to be fun and amazing and something you will remember forever. 

Here is what you can expect

Friday is designed to learn how you feel your's and other's feelings. 
Empath 101
Energetic Boundaries 
Ego vs Spirit (intuitive self)
Catered Desserts and non-alcohol drink service
Intuitive Activities throughout the evening

Saturday is designed for implementing your intuition for yourself and for others. 
Catered Breakfast 
Self-Care & Vibration-energy exchange
learning about and meeting your spiritual team
Catered Lunch
learning how to read oracle cards  
Palm Readings
Afternoon snack 
Tapping into the Akashic Records
Intuitive Activities throughout the day

Sunday is designed to learn how to do it all without the tools, but in trusting in what you know
Catered Breakfast 
More on akashic records and implementation 
What is mediumship 
Catered Lunch 
Learning what mediumship feels like 
Practice and readings
afternoon snack
Intuitive activities throughout the day 

*you will be gifted your very own oracle deck! 

When we teach, we teach you everything. We don't hold back because we want you have it all. We want you to have your perfect dream life every single day and we strongly believe that the courses we create helps to bring those feelings and pieces together so everything can make sense.
Your teachers, Renee and Megan, will also provide support via a pop-up fb group for a month after the workshop to help continue to develop your skills and trade readings with other members.  Support after the weekend is amazing when you're integrating your new-found skills into life.  

For Full $1000 payment 

For 3x Weekly $334 payments 

No Longer available