A Little Book on How to Argue

A Little Book on How to Argue

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Designed for those that have the tendencies towards people-pleasing, avoiding conflict, shutting down in stressful situations, or avoiding conflict all together, this is one step to that gets you to a relationship that's better than you have dreamed of WITHOUT wasting time reading all those books that are sitting unread on your nightstand, and you can stop thinking about all the reasons and how to present to your partner about wanting to go to couple's counselling. 

This isn't like the other books.  


To the point.


Step-by-step by scenario.



Practical application.

It's 35 pages of what you need RIGHT NOW to be able to start making a difference.  

It defines boundaries, triggers, what an argument even is, why you're even doing it, why they're even doing it, and then WHAT to do about it.  

"A Little Book on How to Argue" shows you how to take the fight out and come to a resolution. 

Immediate delivery of the ebook so that you can implement change that's simple, easy, and even fun, TODAY.