Children's Reiki
Children's Reiki

Children's Reiki

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Did you know that kids can hold anxiety as much adults?

Unfortunately, in most cases the little guys don't usually have the language or even know what's bothering them.
Children’s Reiki requires a slightly different approach.

It is done in a very calmed and safe atmosphere.

In these reiki sessions children will play with crystals and ask questions while laying down on a massage table where they will receive non-contact reiki.

They will leave feeling calm and usually with a treasure in their pocket.

Megan will also provide important insight for the parents to understand where certain behaviours are coming from and what they can do to help their kids cope with them.


Each sessions is 45 minutes.
Treatment is a guided meditation with no contact on the massage table followed by discussion and intuitive guidance.
Sessions are booked in-person only with Megan and are designed for people under the age of 14.
Healing is available for all of us. An anxiety free reality is possible for us and the ones we love.

Book your session today and lets bring peace and calm into your children’s life.
I’m here to help.