Full-Day In-Person Life Coaching Session
Full-Day In-Person Life Coaching Session

Full-Day In-Person Life Coaching Session

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May we speak to you freely?

The reality is that if you want a different result, you need to do something different.

There is no way around it and the longer that you wait to go and get what you deserve, the longer you will stay stuck in the same place.

But one day you will be DONE.

One day you will say NO MORE!

No more settling. No more suffering. No more waiting.

And that’s exactly why we created this special life coaching package.

It’s an intensive coaching session specifically designed for those who are ready to create the biggest impact in their personal, home and business life.

We will work through life situations, emotions, and any and all limiting beliefs to bring you the outmost clarity and understanding for the life that you want.

This is the best way to make a change QUICKLY.

This is diving fully in!

If you are ready, so are we. We want to support you and guide you so that you can get the best possible results.

Because you are worthy of having an amazing life.



Sessions are 5 hours on a single day. Lunch and gift included.

For the moment we offer in-person only with both Megan and Renee since it’s the best way for us to fully focus on you and create the biggest transformation and support.

You will be contacted upon purchase to schedule your day (preferably within three weeks of booking)

We strive to create an intimidate and judge free environment where you have the freedom to truly explore who you are, what is it that you truly want and how to get there.

If you are ready to do the important inner work to get everything that you deserve in life, we would be honored to be part of your journey and  to assist you and support you on every step.