Moving Forward Monthly
Moving Forward Monthly - Kindred Self-Care Community

Moving Forward Monthly

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Moving Forward is about just that…moving forward! In this group I will be coaching you through your limiting beliefs and everything that holds you back in life. My goals are to help you clear out your negative energy and help you raise your vibration. We will be working on manifesting your dream life and creating a life of intention. Don’t stay in your rut when you don’t have too. For $50 a month you will be getting

  • one on one support
  • group support
  • journal prompts
  • self care and spiritual routines
  • live videos and q&A’s
  • goal setting
  • changing negative thought patterns
  • intuitive guidance throughout the month on your inspired action/action steps.

Moving forward is a  subscription-based fb group that is daily coaching to help you curate your dream life. Weekly intuitive guidance oracle card readings and teachings via video help bring focus Through goal-setting, asking for help, and celebration. A way to access the help you need going through the limiting beliefs and practicing intention and gratitude. Monthly in-person get togethers for locals.

If you are interested in joining the group coaching private FB group, please click on this link to sign up for the monthly subscription!