Guidance Session
Guidance Session

Guidance Session

  • $500.00
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Feeling lost or stuck in life?

This is normal and you are not alone and we are here to help.

The guidance sessions are designed to help you understand why you're struggling now and to bring awareness to what's actually happening and what action to take about it.

This is the session you need to book if you need:

  • Answers to specific questions.
  • Validation on life decisions or situations.
  • The intuitive guidance about what step to do next.

Our sessions are done Kindred-style!

Which means no sugar-coating and immediate results.

This is what is going to answer the question you didn't even know you had and it will have everything else make sense. 

Your problems/issues/situations in your personal, home and business/professional life are all combined and through this guidance session, you can understand why it's all connected and then what to do about it.

Our only objective is that you get to live a beautiful life full of freedom to be exactly who you are.

If you are ready to do this, we are waiting for you.


The Details: 

Sessions are preferred in-person but can be done online and booked with Renee and Megan together.

Each session is 60 minutes.

And in it we can cover any specific or general issue that you want to address.

Schedule your session today at a time that is convenient to you and let’s get you the clarity that you are looking for.

Remember: You are worthy of the life of your dreams.