Heart Forging
Heart Forging

Heart Forging

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Heart Forging 

This is not very well known but every person that you have a significant event with in life has a piece of your heart - whether they are still in your life (your child, lover, alive, or deceased.)

If you constantly experience feeling like 'something missing' or maybe you noticed that you haven't been the same since an interaction with someone this is why.

And for this reason Megan is offering this life changing healing session for you. 


Heart Forging is a true healing experience.

Laying on a massage table, you are brought through a guided meditation and intuitive reiki session to be at a vibration of being able to have these pieces of your heart brought back to you and forged back together in a practice that is only available through Kindred Self-Care Community.

Your end result will be an inner peace and calm, with the understanding of why certain people have come into, stayed in or left your life.

You will have a different energy leaving and the confidence of a peaceful warrior ready to take your next steps.

The Details:

This is a process that requires a calm environment and cannot be rushed.

Each session is 2 hours in length and only available in-person with Megan.

Schedule your session today at a time that is convenient to you and let’s make your heart whole one more time to give youth clarity and the freedom of making your own decisions and take all that life has to offer.