Intuitive Reiki Session
Intuitive Reiki Session

Intuitive Reiki Session

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Do you have physical symptoms, chronic injury or illness, and/or depression and anxiety?

During an hour-long intuitive session Megan will help you remove old energy and replace it with a new and higher vibration.

This reiki session will provide insight and understanding to everything that is physically presenting within you.


Each sessions is 60 minutes

Treatment is a half-hour guided meditation with no contact on the massage table followed by a half-hour of discussion and intuitive guidance.

Every treatment is a different experience and provides a prescription for what your body, mind, and soul all need to do to get to the next step in your dream life.

In these sessions Megan focuses on putting words to the emotions that you might be having and bringing clarity to what the physical ailments and life situations are trying to tell you.

**Sessions are in-person only with Megan

Schedule your session now and let’s begin this journey.

It’s time to stop hurting you and give the freedom of a beautiful pain free life, wether that pain is emotional or physical we will work together in getting rid of it.